After six years at Fighting Chance and extensive professional training our Patient Navigator is very familiar with the “bottlenecks”, “red tape”, and arcane paperwork that slow down the pace of cancer care. Add her to your team and just watch how she streamlines the cancer journey. She will get you the care you need much faster than if you tried to handle it yourself.


The East End Healthcare system can best be described in one word: bureaucracy.

Knowing how to navigate through a bureaucracy is a craft learned from years of experience. A good navigator gets to know many of the players on a first name basis. They do the occasional favor but expect a small favor in return.

They know the rules that will bend, and the rules that are inflexible. They know how to minimize paperwork and find a way around a bottleneck.

For those about to embark o a cancer journey remember that your therapy will not take just a few days. Or even a couple of weeks. You will be in and out of medical centers for months. You’ll see enough paperwork to get dizzy, or you could get a Patient Navigator and let them cut right through it.