PATIENT & COUNSELOR This is the most common format, especially during the initial sessions at Fighting Chance. Meetings typically are in the counselor’ s private office and last 45 minutes. The service is free of charge.

PATIENT & COUNSELOR & CAREGIVER The main caregiver – usually a patient’s spouse or adult child – can be subjected to enormous stress during a cancer journey and may have contentious moments with the patient as well. Consequently, we often ask the caregiver to join the counseling progress, or sometimes, they receive their own one-on-one sessions with a counselor.

FAMILY COUNSELING At Fighting Chance, we view every cancer as a “family disease” BECAUSE IT CAN DISRUPT every key family relationship – husband and wife, parents and children and even conflict among children. Consequently we often have an entire family come into our office and have a large” family counseling room for that purpose.

SUPPORT GROUPS We often find there are times when a cluster of patients we are seeing face similar challenge and would benefit from discussing them among one another. In that case, our staff will organize a “support group” that usually meets once a month and has five to seven members.


Our counseling sessions provide patients with rapid relief from the crippling conditions that come with most cancer – insecurity, hyper anxiety, and depression. Before long, the patients have regained their poise and positive attitude – which will serve them well on their cancer journey.